Offer to Organisations

As an institute of an university for applied sciences we are interested in cooperating closely with organisations. Therefore we are happy to provide our services regarding the topic of Shadow-IT.

  • Introduction Workshop  
In a workshop we introduce the topic of Shadow-IT as well as our methodology. We introduce our various, successfully completed projects and you will be able to assess the relevance of Shadow-IT for your company accordingly.
  • Guideline
Jointly with us you will develop a guideline on how to benefit from the advantages of a business-driven IT and simultaneously illustrate the associated risks to the end users.
  • Pilot project
During a mutual pilot project we will investigate one unit of your organisation. You will get to know the Shadow-IT methodology during its use and will simultaneously learn more about the specific risks of your corporation. Afterwards you can keep on employing the method in your company on your own.
  • Shadow-IT

As a service provider we conduct a complete analysis of Shadow-IT of all relevant units. Using the results of the analysis, we derive measurements to reduce risks and to improve your business-IT-alignment.



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